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Go-To-Market strategy is Passe`.Know Why & What’s New…

Digital Market isn't a Bubble but a Ballon. The contemporary digital market is ever changing, ever evolving, ever expanding and a disruptive place where no framework applies. It’s the same with GTM framework as well. Businesses can’t just expect to “Go-To-Market” and create a dent. In a Coconut shell, the traditional approach to GTM is passé. To desire a GTM is no longer NORMAL. The new normal is to aspire for a GTSM i.e. Go-To-Social-Market. It’s no longer about just going to the market, but going with a specific Goal like branding, positioning, engagement, support, sales, etc.

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DEEM-An emerging market you can’t afford to miss

What's DEEM? You business may sound DOOM! if digital not adopted well to reach out to your audience and customers. DEEM is a concoction of motley demography, myriad culture, and multifarious opinions; yet keeping you networked and Linked-In. How are enterprises responding to the new age media and online marketing?

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