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The demise of go-to-market (GTM) strategy & birth of GTSM

One fact which can’t be overlooked is that digital market is here to stay and is expected to evolve further in coming days. One way or another it’s going to be an inevitable need for any organization to adopt the adaptive model, the earlier the better. The future lies in empowering your employees to understand the pulse of millions of customers on the social platform.

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Go-To-Market strategy is Passe`.Know Why & What’s New…

Digital Market isn't a Bubble but a Ballon. The contemporary digital market is ever changing, ever evolving, ever expanding and a disruptive place where no framework applies. It’s the same with GTM framework as well. Businesses can’t just expect to “Go-To-Market” and create a dent. In a Coconut shell, the traditional approach to GTM is passé. To desire a GTM is no longer NORMAL. The new normal is to aspire for a GTSM i.e. Go-To-Social-Market. It’s no longer about just going to the market, but going with a specific Goal like branding, positioning, engagement, support, sales, etc.

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