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18 03, 2020

Digital Transformation and Strategy

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Who is a digital winner? The effectiveness of any digital transformation initiative hinges upon how closely knit the strategies are. It boils down to the ultimate question, who is a digital winner? One who identifies the destination, or Who sets the direction, or the one who sets the pace, [...]

3 03, 2020

The Art & Science of Storytelling 2.0

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This post is in continuation to our earlier post on “The Art & Science Of Storytelling”. The question was, how to unleash stories for your business and brand? The answer is, it’s not magic but something to do with neurons. It’s natural for humans to associate with things of [...]

25 02, 2020

The Art of Storytelling

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Is it only the Art of Storytelling that matters or Science and Maths as well? Humans are hardwired for stories. We are not saying this but, science. The importance of storytelling in business & marketing is known since ages. There is hardly any brand that do not harness the [...]

14 01, 2020

Digital Strategy

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"How much of What to adopt in Digital" is one of the pressing issue faced by businesses. While under adoption may lead to a competitively disadvantageous position, over adoption may lead to the vulnerabilities of getting copied. The only thing that helps to differentiate is the way a business [...]