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Digital Enterprise

Towards Becoming A Digital Enterprise Success in the digital age hinges upon a business' ability to rethink its key aspects. Your business may be prone to bankruptcy if it still doesn't know why it matters to become a digital enterprise. By 2020, 30% of industry revenue will come from the new business model. Digital technologies are as lean as [...]

Survive & Thrive

Game-changing innovations, Change agents, and Catalyst of change are some of the commonly used words when it comes to digital transformation. The fact is that the digital economy is in progress and to survive & thrive businesses need to transform. On one hand, there is a need to transform and on another the requirement to maximize the ROI on [...]

Digital Consumption

How to maximize the return on investment in digital is one of those questions that every business struggles to answer. While the question is internal to a business, its answer lies in the external environment. It's not only the business model that is in transition but, customers' expectations as well. This is one area where enterprises need to keep [...]

Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism is at the forefront of digital disruption. The way people used to travel has undergone a massive shift in terms of experience and expectation. Despite all the shift, the travel & tourism sector has only witnessed the first wave of digital disruption. To survive & thrive through the second wave of digital transformation the travel industry [...]