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Digital Consumption

How to maximize the return on investment in digital is one of those questions that every business struggles to answer. While the question is internal to a business, its answer lies in the external environment. It's not only the business model that is in transition but, customers' expectations as well. This is one area where enterprises need to keep [...]

Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism is at the forefront of digital disruption. The way people used to travel has undergone a massive shift in terms of experience and expectation. Despite all the shift, the travel & tourism sector has only witnessed the first wave of digital disruption. To survive & thrive through the second wave of digital transformation the travel industry [...]

Creative Thinking 1.0

There is hardly any discipline where creativity is not deemed important. If it's human to think then why creative thinking is a rare skill? Can creative thinking be taught or is inherent in a creative thinker? Is there some resemblance between science & creative thinking? Creative thinking is all about thinking something that is new as well as valuable. [...]

Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas

Is this a high-time for the Oil & Gas industry to consider full-scale digital transformation? Connectivity is the best thing that happened with digital evolution. It has not only empowered individuals but also opened new opportunities for businesses. In the last four decades, companies in the Oil & Gas industry has failed to leverage technological adoption. The industry has [...]

Next-Gen Model

Reinvention requires rethinking and rethinking needs continuity of thought & action. One area where the word reinvention has become proverbial is digital transformation. Despite all the discussions on ways to rethink, the truth is that most of the transformation effort has failed to translate into significant gains. This failure could be attributed to making the wrong choice of the [...]

Digital Banking

Digital Transformation In Financial Institutions - Change in consumer expectation and the rise of disruptive market entrants, the services industry is surrounded by various challenges - Transformation is inevitable to be able to transform the challenges into opportunities - Time to market and agility are the common objective behind adopting digital technology - Financial and other organizations need to [...]