This post is in continuation to our earlier post on “The Art & Science Of Storytelling”. The question was, how to unleash stories for your business and brand? The answer is, it’s not magic but something to do with neurons.

It’s natural for humans to associate with things of fun or pleasure than the pain. We are hardwired to respond to things we associate with. Science isn’t only about telling why we love stories but, also applying those insights to create stories that matter.

The digital evolution has made us live amidst the information chaos. In such a scenario, how one company succeeds in uniquely positioning its story with audiences? What make us remember some of the commercials better than other?

Homo sapiens, something humans are known for, literally translates into wise man. A wise man knows that deep inside every company is a story factory than a product/services factory. At a time when attention is shattered & scattered, know how the science of storytelling could help you grab attention.

  • The Art & Science of Storytelling 2.0