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366Pi is a business and management consulting company. We aspire to be one of the leading firms in the business, bringing niche capabilities at our clients’ service, and surpassing expectations. We work with companies across sectors; help them achieve sustainable growth in value and revenue through a blend of customized solution, traditional best practices, and contemporary trends and innovation.
We work as expert consultants, trusted advisers, and extended arm to companies and people seeking Strategic, Marketing, Sales, Business Model, and Technology solutions.
We help businesses achieve sustainable growth in value and revenue through our customized solutions.

We are loved more by people seeking Strategic, Marketing, Sales, Business Model, and Technology solutions.

Off-Road to Expressway- Being an Entrepreneur

The snag was always there. It’s the urge to free oneself from the self-inflicted captivity that blinkers the impediment. The detour to entrepreneurship always looks like a blue sky as compared to being a committal employee. Gifted are those who possess a vision to understand that the road to entre

Are you a Rag Picking Entrepreneur?

Being successful as an entrepreneur isn’t about cherry picking, but being a rag picker. You shouldn’t wait for the perfect condition, but learn how to leverage upon imperfect cauldron. Be like a rag picker that picks the most valuable rags out of the anything and everything littered around. Lear

Marketing for Start-Up & Emerging Businesses- How To?

Marketing? No-Marketing? Whether you are a startup or a growing business. It is important that you reach out to your customers for both - communicating your value proposition and hear what they have to say about you. Let experts at 366Pi help you and hand-hold you in your marketing journey.

Optimize Marketing ROI through Analogy

The person sitting across the table stare at me blankly for quite a time when I said ROI on marketing may never be optimum if it doesn’t pillion rides an analogy. It’s like creating your own storm for the rain to come than doing anything under the pseudonym wishful marketing. The underlying logi

  • About 366Pi

    366Pi is a boutique consulting company that works with customers across the globe. Driven by values, passionate to succeed and appetite for growth; we are a unified team with decade of successful consulting experience. We aspire to be one of the big consulting firms and hence, we are more serious about meeting your expectations than any of our peers. Our DNA lies in "People based Innovation" for creating solutions beyond the realm of business and management. 366Pi's association with 366Pi Technologies enhances its ability to map the business process problems with relevant technological solutions. We work with companies of all size and across the business life cycle. To sustain our values we work with limited number of clients during a given period of time, within our niche capability, helping them in achieving sustainable growth

  • 366Pi Culture

    Transparency, Honesty, Empathy, mutual Respect, and Trust.

  • Consulting Approach

    In this age of collaborative, communicative, and integrated market we believe one-size-fits-all approach is as redundant as the time gone past. Customized problems require customized solutions which could be delivered only through customized approach. We are committed to approach our clients’ problems through a fresh perspective to be able to deliver an optimum solution, each and every time. We utilize myriad frameworks and tools to find out the best possible approach per your need.

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