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India 2.0 : The Epic Democracy

As a follow-up report, our initial plan was to keep it focused on sectors & industries within India and the post-pandemic strategies that should be followed to make India the axis of global growth. However, due to the recent turn of events and the ever-increasing importance of being strategic on Road, Air, and Water we diverted a bit from our initial plan. That means this series of reports will continue as India 3.0, 4.0, and as much as required to cover all the dots.

India After COVID-19

Covid 19  has impacted the world in insurmountable ways. Many experts & pundits believe the world will hit a reboot button once the tide will settle. However, the world isn't going to hit a "Reboot" button in post Covid-19 time. Rather, it will hit the "Reset" button. Post Covid world will witness new intra-inter geographical alliances, friendships, collaborations, and axis [...]

Alcohol Economics

As India transitioned from one lockdown phase to another amidst the Covid-19 crisis, it seemed the priority all of a sudden shifted from the health & survival of the marginalized class to the sheer pleasure of intoxication. Is the move to allow liquor sale in the midst of the lockdown only about the state’s revenue? The answer is “Yes” and “No” both.