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Alcohol Economics

As India transitioned from one lockdown phase to another amidst the Covid-19 crisis, it seemed the priority all of a sudden shifted from the health & survival of the marginalized class to the sheer pleasure of intoxication. Is the move to allow liquor sale in the midst of the lockdown only about the state’s revenue? The answer is “Yes” and “No” both.

Being a 36-24-36 entrepreneur i.e. Perfectly Successful

I am talking about having a diversely skilled TOP management team to give your business a perfect 36. It has to be followed with a sharp product/service which makes everyone drool over it. Yes, the perfect 24 as the MIDDLE level of the business. Last but not the least, you need to have a perfect on ground execution team to compliment that 24, and it has to be a perfect 36 once again. Go out with that and see the orgasmic, sorry organic, growth you achieve.

B-School, e-School, Fun-School…..Entrepreneurship….Don’t be a Fool, Keep It COOL.

I will start with a not so small big announcement. My business partner [...]