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20 02, 2021


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There are times when your business has to travel a journey of rebranding. There could be many reasons for rebranding, or you may not realize that you need to rebrand. So, to understand why your Business needs rebranding, it is important to understand rebrand first. What is Rebranding? [...]

15 02, 2021

Power of Biz Storytelling

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Storytelling has been an integral part of human growth since the evolution of mankind. Whether it was about carving wall paintings or passing on the lessons of valour across generations, we have stories for almost everything. Stories were the medium to educate, instruct, and get skilled.

15 04, 2014

E-Commerce success in India: Factors & Insights

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It’s not uncommon to witness horde of e-commerce companies designing strategies around the digital media. And, one market which has become a cauldron of e-commerce companies is India. From regional minnows to international heavyweights, the market has become a beehive buzzing with strategic decisions and tactical plans. A large market size (1.2+ Billion Population), young and aspirational consumer base, ever increasing digital revolution, and adoption of new age technology are some of the factors adding to this line-up.

10 06, 2013

Startup Leadership Sutra: Profit, Profitability & Profit Sharing

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The most important element more than code, design, architecture, distribution, packaging for a business or a product is making Profit. We all are certainly and almost always focused towards making Profits. However, at our Startups, this just gets more important. Drudgery and donkeywork isn’t always a key to profit making. Each activity that we do is questioned as “Why?” and obviously most of time we just have good feel about that “Why?”. Do you think “Ask Why” is a panacea to Profits? May be or may be not?

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