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307, 2020

B2B Marketing in Transition

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Until the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, a large part of B2B marketing strategy used to hinge upon the annual cycle of trade shows, seminars, and exhibitions. In post-covid world that cycle stands as broken as the global supply chain. The barriers for face-to-face business are at an all time high. Digital, unquestionably, will be the new winner. The barriers [...]

1401, 2020

Brand Transparency

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Building Brand Transparency In The Digital Age: No Longer An Option But A Necessity Brand transparency and Consumer trust are the two necessities of modern marketing. Any positive or negative impact on one has a direct effect on another. Maintaining a balance between the two is a constant challenge for the modern marketer or marketing teams. We help you [...]

901, 2020

Purpose Driven Marketing

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Purpose Driven Marketing: Does it always sets you apart from your competitors? No is the answer. - The value of purpose-driven marketing lies in its ability to convince the customers that the message is true and not just a marketing gimmick. We help you unlock the value of your purpose. - In the age of conscientious living, it makes [...]

901, 2020

Brandless Brand

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Digital Branding: It's About Creating Brandless Brands!! Do you remember the world's first national brand? It was "Sunlight Soap" launched in 1885 by the Lever Brothers. Why businesses invest in branding? Because the power of the brand is young forever. The evolution of digital channels has enabled brands to save on various expenses that used to get shifted to [...]

307, 2020

Marketing In The Digital Age

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How To Grow Faster Than The Market? Set your marketing goals for 2020 the right way Growing faster than the market requires your marketing to be intentional, conscious and disciplined to create a roadmap that's all about growth. Least to say, the roots to outpace the market still lies in "Organic" and more than one path as mentioned below: [...]

1803, 2020

Digital Transformation and Strategy

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Who is a digital winner? The effectiveness of any digital transformation initiative hinges upon how closely knit the strategies are. It boils down to the ultimate question, who is a digital winner? One who identifies the destination, or Who sets the direction, or the one who sets the pace, or Who adapts faster The question could easily be answered [...]

303, 2020

The Art & Science of Storytelling 2.0

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This post is in continuation to our earlier post on “The Art & Science Of Storytelling”. The question was, how to unleash stories for your business and brand? The answer is, it’s not magic but something to do with neurons. It’s natural for humans to associate with things of fun or pleasure than the pain. Humans are hardwired to [...]

2502, 2020

The Art of Storytelling

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Is it only the Art of Storytelling that matters or Science and Maths as well? Humans are hardwired for stories. We are not saying this but, science. The importance of storytelling in business & marketing is known since ages. There is hardly any brand that do not harness the power of storytelling. There is hardly anyone without an untold [...]

1401, 2020

Digital Strategy

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"How much of What to adopt in Digital" is one of the pressing issue faced by businesses. While under adoption may lead to a competitively disadvantageous position, over adoption may lead to the vulnerabilities of getting copied. The only thing that helps to differentiate is the way a business communicates in an integrated manner. This is where "Digital" plays [...]

1401, 2020

Next-Gen Model

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Reinvention requires rethinking and rethinking needs continuity of thought & action. One area where the word reinvention has become proverbial is digital transformation. Despite all the discussions on ways to rethink, the truth is that most of the transformation effort has failed to translate into significant gains. This failure could be attributed to making the wrong choice of the [...]

1301, 2020

Creative Thinking 1.0

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There is hardly any discipline where creativity is not deemed important. If it's human to think then why creative thinking is a rare skill? Can creative thinking be taught or is inherent in a creative thinker? Is there some resemblance between science & creative thinking? Creative thinking is all about thinking something that is new as well as valuable. [...]

1301, 2020

Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas

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Is this a high-time for the Oil & Gas industry to consider full-scale digital transformation? Connectivity is the best thing that happened with digital evolution. It has not only empowered individuals but also opened new opportunities for businesses. In the last four decades, companies in the Oil & Gas industry has failed to leverage technological adoption. The industry has [...]

1301, 2020

Travel & Tourism

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Travel & Tourism is at the forefront of digital disruption. The way people used to travel has undergone a massive shift in terms of experience and expectation. Despite all the shift, the travel & tourism sector has only witnessed the first wave of digital disruption. To survive & thrive through the second wave of digital transformation the travel industry [...]

1301, 2020

Digital Banking

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Digital Transformation In Financial Institutions - Change in consumer expectation and the rise of disruptive market entrants, the services industry is surrounded by various challenges - Transformation is inevitable to be able to transform the challenges into opportunities - Time to market and agility are the common objective behind adopting digital technology - Financial and other organizations need to [...]