27 07, 2020

Intermittent Business Breaks

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Opportunities Amidst The Intermittent Breaks The growth trajectory of any business gets decided by how it approaches the unplanned breaks. Intermittent economic breaks, if envisioned in right manner, could become blessings in disguise. To survive the break and thrive in a post-break environment is something every business strives for. [...]

17 07, 2019

How To Conquer The Entrepreneurship Detour

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The snag was always there. It’s the urge to free oneself from the self-inflicted captivity that blinkers the impediment. The detour to entrepreneurship always looks like a blue sky as compared to being a committal employee. Gifted are those who possess a vision to understand that the road to entrepreneurs’ demesne isn’t expressway, but an off-road experience. It’s akin to having bucolic dalliance with ephemeral things to be able to get that bowl of holy grail called success. You need not focus on the mountain to be conquered, but the small pebble in your shoes that may wear you out.

24 08, 2015

Marketing for Start-Up & Emerging Businesses- How To?

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Marketing? No-Marketing? Whether you are a startup or a growing business. It is important that you reach out to your customers for both - communicating your value proposition and hear what they have to say about you. Let experts at 366Pi help you and hand-hold you in your marketing journey.

27 01, 2014

Go-To-Market strategy is Passe`.Know Why & What’s New…

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Digital Market isn't a Bubble but a Ballon. The contemporary digital market is ever changing, ever evolving, ever expanding and a disruptive place where no framework applies. It’s the same with GTM framework as well. Businesses can’t just expect to “Go-To-Market” and create a dent. In a Coconut shell, the traditional approach to GTM is passé. To desire a GTM is no longer NORMAL. The new normal is to aspire for a GTSM i.e. Go-To-Social-Market. It’s no longer about just going to the market, but going with a specific Goal like branding, positioning, engagement, support, sales, etc.

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