How to conquer entrepreneurship detour

The snag was always there. It’s the urge to free oneself from the self-inflicted captivity that blinkers the impediment. The detour to entrepreneurship always looks like a blue sky as compared to being a committal employee. Gifted are those who possess a vision to understand that the road to entrepreneurs’ demesne isn’t expressway, but an off-road experience. It’s akin to having a bucolic dalliance with ephemeral things to be able to get that bowl of holy grail called success.  You need not focus on the mountain to be conquered, but the small pebble in your shoes that may wear you out.

I said above to a group of wannabe entrepreneurs, ready to take the detour, seeking an iota of sneak peek into the unknown.

The Best Panacea

A team that shares the common vision is a team that succeeds. The vision may not be yours, but an attitude to see opportunity amidst every difficulty is all that’s required to share the vision.  For a simple reason that when faced with a mountain, the individual choices- climb, fly, go around, dig, blow, ignore, turn around, stay- may vary. What looks insouciance to an outsider is actually staccato of imbroglio for an entrepreneur. Trusting the vision is the best panacea to the problems.

Trust is good to keep the team in shape and work towards a unified vision, but what about growth? How does one achieve growth was the next question being asked pronto. Don’t rush into plethora activities was my response. To steer by Stars require patience, planning, and focus; as long as you aren’t comfortable with getting lost in the darkness. No matter the amount of myth, planning and strategic thinking will always remain at the core of business success. It’s just whether you plan it right or not to be able to create the ripple effect.

Going to the unknown with a plan

The adrenaline of off-road adventure lies in going into the unknown, not in going to unknown sans planning. It’s easier to trace your trackback on the expressway, not while on off-road where every chicane requires commitment. You plan to commit, everything else is just a presumption. While planning, plan the next step, not the end. It’s your dexterity from one step to another that will orchestrate your end. And, in the end, everything is alright. If it’s not alright then it’s not the end; plan the next move.

I took my leave from the wannabe group. In front of me was the vast reservoir dotted with sailboats. I let my mind wander that there’s no visible chicane in the water. Does that mean there isn’t one in reality?