Business growth is often understood in terms of financial numbers. What everyone forgets is to focus on the engine that drives growth i.e. people. Business growth isn't a matter of business but, humans. Growth mindset is about having an approach that focus on people than the underling business function.

Growth is the ultimate truth but, growth mindset isn’t. We are a generation driven by intellect than intelligence. Intellect is an outcome of the technological way of thinking. Intelligence, on the other hand, is insightful thinking. The insights that we generate based on observational seeking than published by someone. Insight is the hallmark of the growth mindset. Ironically, a business organization approaches growth by numbers than the mindset that its peoples possess.

Companies, across the globe, survive in the zone of comfort. But, to thrive requires moving outside the comfort zone in search of sustainable growth. Survivors love doing the things they have done for ages. They don’t want to experiment around any of the elements of the business. In the end, they end up getting constipated with the status-quo and eventually flushed out. This short-sightedness isn’t a matter of chance but, deliberate. It’s deliberate due t the fear of the unknown. Fear is what lies outside the zone of comfort.

 Why do companies get trapped in between the comfort and the fear zone?

One of the reasons for getting trapped is the absence of original thinking. Information is both the boon and the bane of the current time. Information engrossment has crippled our ability to think originally. Our decisions are based on randomly curated information. We are affected more by other’s opinions than own thinking. These opinions act as a roadblock between the zone of comfort and fear. What lies outside the zone of comfort is not growth but, fear.

Not all fearless companies grow. Why?

The evolution of the digital landscape witnessed many fearless giants going down the drain. Confidence and clarity are two sophisticated weapons to possess. The information age mutated humans into confident individuals and giants into over-confident companies. Many big organizations, despite being fearless, failed to grow due to the absence of desire to learn. Learning is what lies between Fear and Growth zone.

The best place to learn is outside the comfort zone. Many businesses failed due to keeping their learning confined to the zone of comfort. The digital age was all about continuous learning of new skills. And, new skills could be learned by doing what you haven’t done. It’s outside your usual territory where new challenges & problems emerge. We acquire new skills by exploring solutions to the challenges & problems.

Growth is what lies beyond Comfort, Fear, and Learning

Growth mindset is about continuous seeking. The more we seek the more clarity we gain. It’s not an organization that needs to seek but, the people behind the organization. Growth mindset is akin to quantum duality i.e. intelligence and intellect co-existing at the same point of time. It’s not only about applying brain or mind but, knowing the uniqueness of each and every cell.

It’s when businesses move to the growth zone in true-sense that they Thrive. These companies have built a mechanism for sustainable transformation outside the core model. They transform in mind first and on the book of accounts later.

A “growth mindset,” on the other hand, thrives on challenge and sees failure not as evidence of unintelligence but as a heartening springboard for growth and for stretching our existing abilities.

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