Enabling Green Business Growth through Digital Sustainability Alignment Model.

Digital Sustainability Alignment Model (D-SAM)

At 366Pi, we are driven by a singular purpose – to lead the way in fostering Sustainability, Climate Action, Environmental Responsibility, and the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across all facets of business operations. Our commitment extends from redefining corporate landscapes to nurturing farmlands.

Imagine an ecosystem where corporate strategy converges seamlessly with on- ground action. Our strength lies in serving as the essential link between strategic decisions and tangible results. At 366Pi, we stand as the connecting point that harmonizes transformational efforts spanning from executive discussions to operational execution. At 366Pi, we don’t just consult – we collaborate to cultivate enduring change.

Recognizing that every business embarks on a unique path towards sustainability and net-zero ambitions, we cast aside the notion of a universal solution. In our view, the concept of “one size fits all” simply doesn’t apply. Our devotion lies in forging true partnerships with our clients, propelling their sustainable journey through a deeply personalized approach.

Central to our mission is the innovative Digital Sustainability Alignment Model, or D-SAM. More than just an acronym, it’s a cutting-edge framework customized to your company’s unique identity. It’s the compass that guides our collaboration, aligning your aspirations with actionable strategies and measurable outcomes.

Sustainability isn’t a solitary pursuit; it’s a shared journey towards a better future. At 366Pi, we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Together, we can turn aspirations into achievements, challenges into opportunities, and pave the way for a world where growth is sustainable, and the future is within our grasp.

Unlock a future that’s not just sustainable – but thriving. Welcome to 366Pi – where growth meets purpose.

“Your Sustainable Journey Begins Here”

Delivering Customer Experience

Growth and Transformation hinges upon an approach that could make complex simple, something we follow at 366Pi. We assess your company per trending context, to be able to produce right strategy at right time in right market.

Where We Stand

As-Is analysis of existing goals, performance, insights & opportunities.

Where We Want To Reach

Define & align vision, smart goals, objectives and KPIs.

How To Get There

Segmenting, Positioning, Omnichannel Experience, Engagement & Content.

Fuel Needed To Get There

Roadmap, Plan, Schedules, Marketing Calendar & Resources.

Monitoring The Journey

Qualitative & Quantitative metrics, engagements, tools & reporting.

We Are Here to Help you Achieve Digital Driven Growth

Marketing | Strategy |Transformation

The efforts put in by the team at 366Pi Consulting & Technologies is commendable. The work was very methodically and professionally handled. I appreciate how the team took the effort to understand the mission and the vision of Point Blank 7 and designed and developed the website in accordance. All the tasks were handled independently and I did not have to worry about anything with regards quality and timely completion of the work. There were times when the team even delivered much more than promised. Your technical know and response time to solving problems in the site was also impressive. I am happy to be associated with 366Pi Companies- You are pretty awesome!
Riti Sinha, Editor-in-Chief, Point Blank 7

366Pi helped us bring lot of clarity and insight on our existing businesses. Their services helped us relaunch https://xceed365.com/. Sushant is an expert in Strategy and Marketing. His knowledge helped us build a better sustaining business model. Sushant and his team went lot further than we expected. Their effort on our behalf is very commendable. We found that they really wanted to help and support our business.

Chuma Chukwujama, Chairman, CEO

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for 366Pi Consulting LLP for their services and support to Department of IT and E-Gov. I have been working with them on various initiatives.

We found their expertise and excellence on Innovation, Digital Marketing and Technology to be up-to-mark. There has been no complaint about their working or deliverable in last one year. They have done significant contributions in many meetings and events which we organized from time-to-time.

I would want to congratulate them on their success and recommend them to work with other Departments of Jharkhand Government. We are happy to work with consultants and teams of 366Pi Consulting in future too.

Umesh Prasad Sah, Director, Department of IT, Government of Jharkhand