RagPickingEntrepreneurAs nefarious as it may sound but the best way to inculcate entrepreneurial panache is to learn from the ephemeral encounters that we have in our day to day life. You need not think and recall all those clichés verbatim that speaks about “Starting a business” or “Being an entrepreneur”. A pinch of common sense is enough to do the trick!! You should read this blog if “What should be the next step to succeed as an entrepreneur?” is a question bothering you. Though the answer is simple, start thinking like a rag picker!!

What drives progress?

Being successful as an entrepreneur isn’t about cherry-picking, but being a rag picker. You shouldn’t wait for the perfect condition, but learn how to leverage upon imperfect cauldron. Be like a rag picker that picks the most valuable rags out of the anything and everything littered around. Learn how to make a living out of rags, every single day-every single hour, without loss of ebullience. An innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income is what drives progress. And, you do that by making optimum utilization of the scarce resources around yourself than seeking easy access to capital.

The next obvious question that should follow above thought is, how to compete even if we chose to rag pick under most dire of situations? You need not compete to stand apart from the queue, but differentiate is what I said. A scintilla, if used properly, is sufficient to produce larger fire. You don’t need to have a bag full of gunpowder to achieve the feat.

To compete or to differentiate

To compete may not be a necessity, but to differentiate is. Differentiation could be in anything and there’s no finite boundary and definition for the same. You might end up competing among the futile group, wasting your precious time. It’s not just adaptation to the changing surrounding that’s important, but adapting to the better alternative. The difference is akin to the differences between mineral water and tap water.

Be like Squirrel to learn about differentiation and adapting to the better alternative, even though being a part of the same larger clan. People love playing with Squirrels and hate Rats, even though both are part of the same rodent clan. While survival is a form of constant struggle for the latter, the former enjoys freedom. The underlying logic is to differentiate!!

Learn from nature

All one need to go is to go atop a precipice to have a top-down view of the cascade. Nature always looks beautiful as well as frightening from above, reminding us of the fact that imbalance is the nature’s way of maintaining the balance. There can’t be a better way to “Learn-Unlearn-Relearn” than looking at those perfectly balanced, yet imbalanced, surrounding.

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