The importance of personalisation in B2B marketing.

According to a survey, 58% of B2B marketers believe that, of many things, personalisation will affect their 2020 marketing plans. The digital revolution has reached a stage where marketing is at an inflection point. The modern marketer (CMO) is at the cusp of both history making as well as getting doomed.

The TopĀ 5 business priorities identified in the survey are:

  1. Lead to Customer Conversion
  2. Increasing Website Traffic
  3. Revenue Growth From Existing Customers
  4. Strengthen Marketing Position
  5. Optimizing ROI

There is no doubt that personalisation has a potential to be the game changer in all of the above. However, what many businesses struggles with is “How” and “Where” to achieve personalisation. We are happy to help you achieve your personalisation goals in marketing, content, and experience.