Opportunities Amidst The Intermittent Breaks

The growth trajectory of any business gets decided by how it approaches the unplanned breaks. Intermittent economic breaks, if envisioned in right manner, could become blessings in disguise.

To survive the break and thrive in a post-break environment is something every business strives for. Building a resilient organization holds the key. The sign of a resilient team is its ability to exploit intermittent breaks.

What’s of paramount importance is to understand Exploitation in a positive context. Volatile times require sublime strategies- not the usual mission, vision, and Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG).

The best way to approach intermittent economic breaks is to leave aside the business lingo & corporate jargon. The first word that should be left aside is “Strategy”. Go with a plan, not with a strategy.

The Best Thing To Do Amidst Uncertainty

Uncertain times require certain strategies. While transformation is inevitable to survive, the way we used to understand it has changed.

Transformation is no longer about long term growth strategies but, short term digital competency building exercise.

Traditionally, businesses used to have only growth as the underlying goal. Today, it has spread its wings to include excellence as well.

Over the years, the importance of digital transformation for business growth hasn’t declined. On the contrary it has increased; only the approach is juxtaposed.

How is your business managing uncertainty?

How are you approaching the break in post-covid time? Share your views.