India and Marketing: A complex bonding.

In a nation that keeps the heart embedded in head and religion inscribed in heart, marketing isn’t easy. Marketing in India starts at a fag end.

A vermillion here, talisman there, pieces of threads everywhere- it’s tough to imagine marketing could fail when and where.

This is a country where religion gets affixed to anything by scattering almighty over everything.

Just look around you and observe the name of the Shops, Food Joints, Kiosks, Salon, Tea Stall, Internet Cafe, name of the Locality, private taxis et al.

The question is, does religion based naming grants some form of customer hegemony?

On a first thought, the answer may come out as “Yes”. And, that’s where we might get biased.

The answer, rather, depends on your approach to the market, the way you want your customers to perceive you, and how much of religion focused your marketing is.

Because, if naming could add to some form of Hegemony then “Maruti” story could have been different, especially among taxi/cab owners of a specific religion.

If you are still wondering how, then here is a clue.

Maruti is one of the names of lord Hanuman, the companion of lord Ram. And, Maruti commands around 50% of the car sale market.

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