Business Impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 impact on businesses during Q2: An overview of the insight published by HubSpot

Does the idea of transitioning your business & teams online sounds daunting? If yes, then you are one of the many companies with slow learning curve. Irrespective of how much discomfortable it is for your business to move online, you can’t just wear blinkers. Change, as always, is inevitable.

Your customer’s aren’t going to tell you that it is time to move online. Customers already have choice galore.

Do you have a strategy and plan to move your business online? If not, then here are a few of the stats for you.

  • Global site traffic increased by 16% during Q2 compared to Q1
  • With the exception of two weeks, chat volume has steadily risen week-over-week since the beginning of March, peaking at 45% above the benchmark in late-May. Total chat volume in Q2 outpaced Q1 by a notable 31%
  • Marketers sent 21% more emails during Q2 than Q1, and email sends have recently peaked at 36% above the benchmark during the week of June 15
  • The number of emails sent by sales teams experienced an immediate and dramatic uptick following the pandemic declaration. From early-March to late-April, sales teams pushed hard to generate pipelines, leading to a 42% increase in email volume
  • As both marketing and sales email volume went up globally, call prospecting plummeted, falling to a low of 27% below the benchmark by the week of April 6
  • The number of deals created in Q2 is 8% less than the number of deals created in Q1, and this trend is reflected in all regions and company sizes
  • There were 11% fewer deals won in Q2 compared to Q1
  • APAC has made the best recovery, with only 6% fewer deals won in Q2 than in Q1. EMEA is the farthest behind at 17% fewer deals won in Q2

What are your takeaways?