Road to 2025: Millennials vs Gen Z

Millennials vs Gen Z: The two generations that are so like, yet unlike, each other. No points for guessing that the road to business growth goes through these two generations.

Government & businesses across the globe have one eye set on the ongoing crisis and another on the 2025-2030 growth plans.

The Silk Road to 2025 growth, once again, goes through Asia Pacific, making the region protagonist of the story to be written.

However, the region has undergone massive demographic transformation over the course of time, making it a complex market in ways more than one.

The complexity will only increase with every passing year.

How much of growth a business will achieve by 2025 and beyond will hinge upon its ability to decipher Millennials and Gen Z. Continue reading to know why!!

By 2025, both Millennials and Gen Z will make a quarter of Asia Pacific population. That means, half of the region will be populated by these two generations only.

The mistake any business, especially B2C, could make is to consider them alike because they share too many qualities.

The truth is that Generation Z has its own unique qualities which are unlike the qualities of Millennials.

By 2025 Gen Z will be entering adulthood and making their own decisions. By the same time, Millennials will start competing with Gen Z on a level playing field.