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10 06, 2013

Startup Leadership Sutra: Profit, Profitability & Profit Sharing

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The most important element more than code, design, architecture, distribution, packaging for a business or a product is making Profit. We all are certainly and almost always focused towards making Profits. However, at our Startups, this just gets more important. Drudgery and donkeywork isn’t always a key to profit making. Each activity that we do is questioned as “Why?” and obviously most of time we just have good feel about that “Why?”. Do you think “Ask Why” is a panacea to Profits? May be or may be not?

7 08, 2012

One Business with multiple co-founders – Happy Equity Index

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Were you aware of Right deserving Equity when you started up for the very first time? If you were, you were one of Lucky set, there are many who ignores such meetings while at start; only for lame reasons like you were soooo high on adrenaline that this becomes a small issue, you think somewhere we should be talking when we succeed or just feel shy about talking on those stuff. It can happen with anyone, in this story we have an entrepreneur friend who is facing similar situation. What would you suggest?

28 07, 2012

SME : Small, Medium enterprise not Entrepreneurs

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When you drill down into the Business landscape of India, you would see approx 30 Million MSME Businesses. They employs the largest chunk of our population and thus germinates a seed for leadership, direction and community which we are proud as a country for been the fountain head for Innovation in various industry sectors. Now of this 30 Million MSME Businesses, more than 70% of businesses are Small Businesses owners and what I see as trend as misunderstanding where such owners call themselves as an Entrepreneur.

14 05, 2012

Get a Step Closer to Starting-Up

By |2018-01-25T04:28:11+05:30May 14th, 2012|Categories: Blog, Services, SME and Startup, Startup|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , |1 Comment

While I started up for the first time, I was of the kind who had “Fire in Belly” and certain degree of accident. Given that I belong to not-so-affluent-family with middle class values from a relatively smaller town, where every Father has a vision for his son to be an [...]

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