When you drill down into the Business landscape of India,  you would see approx 30 Million MSME Businesses. They employ the largest chunk of our population and thus germinates a seed for leadership, direction and community which we are proud as a country for been the fountain head for Innovation in various industry sectors.  Now of this 30 Million MSME Businesses, more than 70% of businesses are Small Businesses owners and what I see as trend as misunderstanding where such owners call themselves as an Entrepreneur.

The only Acid Test which I did to was to ask OWNERS to step out and let the business run by itself.  Most of these proprietary businesses nor have thought or not even willing to consider building a thriving company which is known for their innovation, products, services and beyond. The only mantra which they seem to stick is to get the Bills paid before end of month and owners could take out money to support their own needs and lifestyle (in most cases improve lifestyle). What I am not doing is questioning the wisdom of such owners or trying to question their approach but I am definitely qualifying them as “NOT ENTREPRENEUR”.

The only reason for which I would not want to call them Entrepreneurs is  they have created something which is for themselves and I would prefer stating them as Lifestyle Businesses. So, irrespective of them celebrating Silver Jubilee of their successful business – they lack just one fundamental of qualifying themselves as an Entrepreneur – and that is their lack of commitment to the cause. Cause adds a meaning to Business, it gives you a dimension on the basis of which Business is built. This cause gives you a motive, creates a DNA for your business and gives an adjective and noun to business – called Organization. I do hear a contradictory point from many that Business means Money and money is what I am in for Business. But, ask any successful small business owner with one question, “Are you satisfied with what you are doing?” – if the person has to measure their satisfaction with money, an immediate response would be YES but if they *really* think before they answer then there are thoughts which trouble such business owners as well. The reason for this trouble is simple – they, themselves are looking for an answer.

As an Entrepreneur, such question would not have troubled you a bit. You are committed to the cause, your measure of success as money is visible when people working with you have it in plenty. You derive, happiness and satisfaction on the fact that you are able to create a business where Respect, Reward, Responsibility are driving values.  

What is it to be like an Entrepreneur?

As an Entrepreneur, irrespective of your  age, experience and wisdom – you wake-up every day with optimism of a new day. You feel little more energetic than every other yesterday. You could see that you inspire people around you, you transform the life of people whom you engage with and make your business a place where success, future and vision are synonymous. You rather engross into criticism to improve on your perspective, shredding all your ego and believe in Sharing – be it knowledge, success or vision.

Been a business owner isn’t a bad karma, but an attempt towards an path of Entrepreneurship gives you a reason, helps you with a path and above all, a highest level of satisfaction on your Journey of life. You know that you have created an Entity for this universe and all the New Found learning that you have in your everyday journey, you were able to successfully instill them into your business which then further impacts many more. Start today, add a meaning to your business by going beyond simply making money and just believe in self.

Do not fear answer that question, it is asking you to de-mystify your purpose in the world; it is asking you to ask yourself more questions.