asummermoon.comFor some treason of reason we, my business partner and me, were always confident about us being a smart ass. And, the feeling wasn’t something new to us. This is how every one of us, the entrepreneurial clan, feels when we are bladdered. Just that for us it was a kind of humdrum. And we’re still carrying this as a legacy since the day we went for our “Fresh & New” professional degree course and came out as an Old Monk. And YES, we were not privileged enough to sell any Ferrari. We never actually had one. The closer we went to the red damsel was under the influence of some alcoholic stupor. It was in the morning when we realized that it was actually a red colored Maruti 800. That was the day, rather night, when we realized the importance of intoxication. It may not necessarily gives you wings, but it definitely helps you in setting up the VISION, for sure. Since that day we’re carrying the vision and doing necessary revision to help out peoples in making right decision. It pays to have such legacy. You either pay the cops with breath analyzers, the department store for breaking that vase in your humble attempt to kiss it, Damn!!! why do they make such slender vase with perfect shape?, the owner of the red damsel car when your brat car tries to lay over it while backing up in the parking lot, as a EMI on your credit card and many more such nice people.That’s the rule number one for being a successful entrepreneur. Have your ass ready to be served in the best interest of the community at large. No pain, No gain. It is as simple as that.

LESSON#1: Have your ass ready to be served in the best interest of the community at large. No pain, No gain.

Now you know what makes us, my business partner and me, feel that we are a smart ass. But that doesn’t ends there.

We have an itch like those 10 pointers who always make it an absolute 10. That too even without a spoon of cough syrup. Just that we dropped few of those points, may be 3 or 4, for our night long quest of knowledge. We have a bigger propensity to serve our ass in welfare of society. An insatiable love with Fuck, sorry Luck, supported by unquenchable thirst of push and pull with society at large. I mean, we push our clients to an extent to be able to pull the organic growth of the business and build their own luck. It’s a kind of having a symbiotic relationship. Few things are done just for pleasure and not ROI. This is like the night long romance you had has during your college days. You did it just for pleasure, maintaining a symbiotic relationship, and never thought about the ROI. Though the ROI could have been fatal if you would have done it wrong.

I mean, the pleasure you took in your education makes you an entrepreneur today. You can’t measure the ROI for the education you got, especially during those night long romance with the cynosure of your eyes i.e. learning.

That’s the rule number two for being a successful entrepreneur. If you are not taking pleasure in what you’re doing and just thinking about the ROI then it’s time to change the girl/boy, i.e. business. In case the pleasure is with you then you can always extend that by having one more, not girl/boy but business. We chose latter and are about to launch a tech venture this new year.

LESSON#2:Love what you do. Be it your Girl/Boy or your Business. 

Source : story doesn’t ends here, my dear friend, but it’s just the beginning of an end. The beginning is 36 and the end is 36 as well. There is 24 somewhere in between the two. Yes, you got it right.

We are talking about 36-24-36; the number you lied to lie during your knight hood night days. I am talking about you managing 24 marks to every 36 marks that someone manages with precision. That 24 is something common to us entrepreneurial types. The same applies to your business as well.If you want to build a successful business then make sure it carries 36-24-36 with itself. Take a chill, I’m not talking about you bringing those perfect figurine beauties to your office. You have various other places to make them take a pill, sorry chill, and have a time of your life.

I am talking about having a diversely skilled TOP management team to give your business a perfect 36. It has to be followed with a sharp product/service which makes everyone drool over it. Yes, the perfect 24 as the MIDDLE level of the business. Last but not the least, you need to have a perfect on ground execution team to compliment that 24, and it has to be a perfect 36 once again. Go out with that and see the orgasmic, sorry organic, growth you achieve. That’s lesson number three for you. Make sure you have a smart team, both way, and a complimentary sexy product that either the market requires or which could create desire within its market. You know what I mean.


LESSON#3:Team is Important. Get Right People in. It takes time and effort to build and maintain a sexy body.

Is this all? No, my dear friend, this is just the beginning. The beginning usually happens with an English movie wherein as a first time viewer, post independence from your home; you sit down with large eyes and much larger stuff below the eyes i.e. heart. Watching the movie first time in a post independence era has its own fun, and the fun becomes more intimate when you watch the same not with the usual suspects but different prospects. Yeah, it enhances your knowledge about biological warfare sans biology but chemistry. And, I’m talking about the Oscar nominated movies. Then you launch version 2.0 of yourself and upgrade to World Wide Web to take a sneak peak of those widely available web of videos. And you keep on watching those videos even after knowing that the usual process and the underlying assets aren’t going to change. Yes, you watch those Oscar nominated movies once, or ten time, that’s not going to change the story or the cast. You still keep on watching the same. That’s lesson number five for you. Have that hunger to do it once again and perfect the thing. I mean, once again building a successful venture to impact life of millions or billions.

LESSON#5:Be Hungry always. Shit has to happen. Don’t worry about that; focus on Perfecting on Eating right.

I know what you’re wondering. Where the hell has lesson number four gone. To the hell is the answer. Don’t expect everything free of cost and remember there are no free lunches. And you get paid only when you build a brand.

LESSON#4:Free Lunches = Not Available; What are you waiting for? Get Paid. Get Engaged in building your brand.

Yeah, having 36-24-36 helps everywhere. 🙂

Just keep a wholesome table and nail it.

Thank You!!!

P.S.: Do join us over a coffee table and let’s nail it down, the coffee, and discuss anything related to your business’ need and our capability. And, yes, we pay nothing but the bills.