We are bunch of Optimistic People. We are High on our Adrenaline and optimism, that at time we get over-board to claim solve The Chicken and Egg Problem. This blog is our Tryst with Destiny, called Bootstrapping or Boots-Trapping.

We ventured optimistically on the New Year Day of 2012 with a hope that the world, along with us, would survive the cataclysmic year. Looks like our hope will eventually transcendent into reality.

May be because the lady luck is on our side, thanks to all those damsels with big brain and even bigger Boob tube at home. It’s another thing that this entire year we kept on working as if there is no tomorrow and whatever has to be done, must be done today. Rather, TONIGHT.  In between all these romance came 12-12-12, an auspiciously lucky date as prophesied by some copious individuals. We took the date so auspicious that we end up going on a date. The meeting was good. It was then that someone asked us about our plan for the rest of the night, sorry day, for 12-12-12 when we ended by saying that we are an optimistic company and would rather wait for 11-12-13. But, I guess we had our share of pleasure under the name of sexretary. I mean, secretary. Sorry, secretly.

It’s more how you perceive things under your direct-indirect influence. May be, what is understood as an end of the world is merely end of an era and dawn of a new era. But, you may ask, what that has to do with the title of this blog? Nothing, is the answer, or may be everything.  You try figure that out and perceive in your own way.

It was on 12-12-12 that someone asked me about the Mayan’s prophecy and I ended up answering that the Mayan calendar which everyone refers to is just their Bootstrapping calendar and the actual is way beyond the grasp of human being. May be the actual was never perceived by the Mayans. So, what the Mayans were thinking as Bootstrapping was actually Boots-Trapping. They were creating a trap for themselves to get it all wrong one fine day and I guess I need not mention that date.

The same applies to any entrepreneur and startup business as well.

How do you make sure that you are actually bootstrapping and not Boots-Trapping yourself? Much more than that, what’s your understanding about bootstrapping?

Before I make you dive deeper in the boot, I am presuming that 21-12-12 would bestow its generosity on us and let us complete our first year as a venture. Yeah, looks like Mayans forgot that 2012 is a leap year and that it will leap frog the doomsday prophecy.  We have had some pleasant and some surprisingly pleasant experience during this 366 days (Few days are still to go) time. And, one of them is bootstrapping. I mean, we came face-to-face with so many startups and early entrepreneurs who maintained unison about bootstrapping. And, when asked about their immediate business focus, the answer was, to our surprise, I.N.V.E.S.T.M.E.N.T.. Now, is that a PUN?  If you still don’t get it then it’s time to get the basic right, may be Google could be of some help.

Our second tryst with bootstrapping happened when we went out in the market looking for clients for our “Hand-Hold StartUp” solution. The common excuse used to be sorry, we’re bootstrapping. When did I said I am here with a heart full of money, is what we ended up saying to few of those companies. I mean, come on people, we are here to help your business at your term, at the expense of our time and effort, being accountable for our effort, having a long term vision and you are crying whore, I mean crying hoarse, about bootstrapping. Don’t be in a hurry mate, listen and try to read behind the lines. It’s your business, your company, and hence it’s always going to be your balls. I mean your call. Don’t do it just because everyone else is doing something like that.

It’s no Fucking Sex which everyone does for one common reason; it’s your god damn business.  Either you do it right or be prepared to get screwed one fine day, and this applies to both sex and the business. And, I’m talking about business.

Don’t run your venture as someone has exiled you and you need to bootstrap as you don’t have any access to the globally warmed civilized world. Your business is just a boot and you are the strapper, now it’s time to build a lace, read zip, to be able to connect the dots in your boot and strap it. Don’t you think the Mayans failed to connect the last few dots, may be due to shorter lace. Yeah, bootstrapping became Boots-Trapping for them.

There is no bravery in getting yourself trapped inside the same boot which you actually wanted to strap and travel the length and breadth of your ambition. Reach out to people who could help you strap your business, and while doing so do especially visit 366Pi Consulting 🙂 We are a kind of experts in dealing with those threads and zip, not only in boots but throughout your body. I mean, throughout your business.

Thank You!!!

P.S.: Do join us over a coffee bed, I mean couch. I mean table and rub your feet sans boot over the coffee, and discuss anything related to your business’ need and our capability. That would help us to put your boots on and find out where it pinches.  And, yes, we don’t bootstrap the bill. contact@366pi.com