Business | Management | And Beyond..Dear reader, today we’ll discuss and concentrate on taking one step forward, no matter how small. During last few weeks we kept you posted about Starting-Up, going down the Rabbit Hole, importance of Planning, and many more such topics. However, while doing all that, somewhere we, at 366pi Consulting, were practically implementing and executing many of them, to achieve anything but success. All those time we self-helped and persevered to achieve the smallest bit of success, and we did achieve that.

Our situation was very much like the Hercules and Wagoner story. In case you don’t remember the story, here it’s for you:

A Wagoner was driving his team along a muddy lane with a full load behind them, when the wheels of his wagon sank so deep in the mire that no efforts of his horses could move them. The Wagoner climbed down from his seat and stood beside the wagon looking at it but without making the least effort to get it out of the rut. All he did was to curse his bad luck and call loudly on Hercules to come to his aid. Then, it is said, Hercules really did appear, saying:

“Put your shoulder to the wheel, man, and urge on your horses. Do you think you can move the wagon by simply looking at it and whining about it? Hercules will not help unless you make some effort to help yourself.” And when the farmer put his shoulder to the wheel and urged on the horses, the wagon moved very readily, and soon the Farmer was riding along in great content and with a good lesson learned.

Moral of the Story: Heaven helps those who help themselves.

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We would like to share an excerpt of the interview that Warren Buffett had with CNBC on The Billionaire Next Door, he shared his secret for success:

“If people get to my age and they have the people love them that they want to have love them, they’re successful. It doesn’t make any difference if they’ve got a thousand dollars in the bank or a billion dollars in the bank … Success is really doing what you love and doing it well. It’s as simple as that. I’ve never met anyone doing that who doesn’t feel like a success. And I’ve met plenty of people who have not achieved that and whose lives are miserable.”

But the question is why are we sharing all those stories and experience with you, the dear reader? Here goes the answer.

We started with an honest intention of “Making life meaningfully better” and going beyond the usual. We started with a dream of being rational in our approach, bringing optimism and valuing innovation. We started with an optimum mix of traditional methodologies and contemporary techniques, an efficient concoction of solutions and capabilities with a vision to take one small step at a time and covering the distance.

That one step leads us to get incubated at “Indian Institute of Management” (IIM), one of the most prestigious institutions, apart from having an office space at Pune (India).

Yes, we, the 366pi Consulting, have opened our incubation center at IIM- Ranchi with a specific focus on start-up, entrepreneurs and overall economic development of the region.

Thank you for your support as we promise to keep doing the good work and while we do that we would try to bring lots of values to you.

Luck has a peculiar habit of favoring those who don’t depend on it and the only best thing about luck is that it will change. And we hope it will change for betterment of everyone.