I will start with a not so small big announcement. My business partner isn’t an MBA and I am the one, but we never take any pride in that. Neither of us complains about our respective position as well. And, this has nothing to do with us being partner in crime. He never boasts about his track record of nurturing and growing few successful technology venture bottoms up. I don’t mean that he used to guide them after savoring few glasses of liquid having 40% or 50% alcohol, but that he build those companies from scratch and he’s still carrying few of those scratches in his wallet. And neither do I ever boast about me getting dare deviled one fine morning and quitting my handsome salary paying job, specially so early in my career. I was just out of the cold storage called MBA and was carrying a brand value of no less than some farm-fresh-organic-pea which commands high price tag even after being in a cold storage. My humbleness doesn’t ends there, see I am an MBA, I never boast about my glorified record of working with some “half-a-century” entrepreneurs and emerging companies, helping them build successful organizations, and raising the holy elixir of business called Investment. That too with a cent percent hit record, especially on client’s pocket, across the globe. I am a kind of expert in Hit & Run cases.

Nevertheless, the purpose of the blog isn’t to share my humbled politeness with you but to discuss a mission critical agenda of national security and importance which could have a devastating impact on your business and surrounding. No, this isn’t about some Megatron trying to get hold of the Allspark to take over the world. We have Optimus Prime to handle them and maybe someday he’ll be backed by Captain Jack Sparrow as well. It’s about the ubiquitous immortal discussion on entrepreneurship vs business schools.

Let me come straight to the point like an unguided missile and share my personal opinion guided by my humbled experience which I never boast about. The purpose of education, at any point of life, is to shape the overall character of an Individual. It has an intangible and insurmountable value attached to it the ROI for which can’t be measured through any means. And, I am talking about getting educated and not just becoming literate by purchasing some formal degree for that purpose. Don’t complain about your college not teaching you anything on entrepreneurship, but be thankful for they shaped your character and made you stupidly smart to cry foul.  They neither taught you anything on data entry using Excel, but your friends are doing data entry under the name of some sort of research or analysis. That too without complaining.

The purpose of the education is to teach you climb up and down the tree. It’s up to an Individual’s character and stupidity to either climb up to enjoy the fruit or to carry some in a hope to find a market and sell them respectively. Education is here to empower you by providing plethora of short and sweet experiences, not to make you intellectually handicapped like a toll free number. Learn from the curious incident of the dog in the night time and be relaxed in the morning. Have you heard any dog producing a similar curious sound in morning? No, I hope. It’s same with your college and the education. You made all those curious noises, if you actually didn’t went for serious study only, in Ho(s)tel. But, the next morning you were enlightened on so many biological warfare techniques, and kept your muteness. The education is very much like those nights, it enlightened you on so many issues of national importance. But now, its morning time and you need to be on mute to become absolute. And, I am not talking about the Absolut vodka.

As an entrepreneur you’re not supposed to complain about anything. Especially, not about your past romance and current mistakes. Don’t you know that “Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is usually more important than the outcome. Not everyone can be number 1”. I know the first sentence seems frustrating if you travel by the Indian Railways, but then you must focus on the second sentence to become an optimist. The doing is usually more important than the outcome. I know what you all are thinking, if you do it properly then nothing can stop it from coming out. And, I am talking about Biceps and Push-Ups. Let’s focus on the third part of the sentence. Not everyone can be number 1. But don’t lose hope my dear educated friend. You can always outnumber the number 1 to romance with the beauty of your eyes i.e. success.

The fact that you chose to be an entrepreneur is more than enough to convey that, like me and many others, you too don’t consider yourself too bright.

Hence, it doesn’t make any sense to whine over your college or any formal degree. It made you rich enough to understand wine, than whine, and sit with straight spine, than boss’ saline, to utilize your mastery, than waiting for salary, and impact the life of millions by creating a situation of elation, than crying over education, utilizing the experiences of your night long experimentation.

Don’t be a Fool. Keep it Cool, as it is not about any School but ………………

Thank You!!!

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