It was 60 days back when we last published a Blog and hence, by all means, this blog post was long overdue. It wasn’t the matter of having time to write it down, but having a will, and a desire to actually write it down. It was on numerous occasions that I sat down to write the same and asked myself “Blog Writing?”, only to get the answer Nahhhhh!!! So, I let it go for the next time. Today, once again I sat down and asked “Blog Writing?”, and prompt came the reply Yessss!!! It’s long overdue. Hence, my dear friend, I sat down to actually write it down. But then, I found myself starved of Topic to write upon. I thought for a moment about my lethargy and the hiatus of 60 days. I thought about all those 59 Nahhhhh and 1 Yessss and found the Topic as well as the Answer to my question. The answer is “Sigmund Freud” and his “Free Association” technique. You can read about the Free Association technique Here.

As a Start-Up guy or an Entrepreneur or someone with just an Idea or an emerging business aspiring to be labeled emerged, each one of us find ourselves grappling with various questions relevant to our Business. We believe that since we are the parents to these Ideas, or Business, we know how to nurture and grow it. What we forget is that even we, as a child, went to some schools and colleges to get our character shaped. And even we had have our parents with us. As a Business/Idea owner it’s important to know what you have and what you don’t from day one. Many of us hardly look beyond Investment or Sales as a semaphore to succeed. However, the actual problem could be much deeper than to be seen with naked eyes.

To all the fellow entrepreneurs, I’ve a suggestion that you take a “Free Association” test about various aspects of your business. I’m sure you will find an answer to so many unasked questions. That will help you to prioritize your requirement and reaching out to right people to find out the correct solution. There could be various other ways to build a successful organization than just focusing on Investment.

As a consultant, mentor, and Adviser, the first thing I do is to Put-On my client’s shoes and take the Freud’s test. The first question I ask myself is “Investment?” And most number of times i get the reply “Bank Loan?” Like getting an education loan is no guarantee that you’ll actually end up being educated, not just literate, or won’t fail a grade, likewise getting an Investment is no guarantee that your business will actually succeed. It goes the same way for other aspects of business, be it Marketing, Sales, Strategy, etc.

If you can free-associate what comes to your mind or what has been asked then you will have at least the right problems to be addressed in front of you. Having a collage of problems/challenges is much beneficial than having a same beaten line with unasked answers to non required questions.

If the chain is as strong as the weakest link then “Free Association” helps you in building that chain and finding all those links, especially weak. Thank You.

The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water ~ Sigmund Freud

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