Covid 19  has impacted the world in insurmountable ways. Many experts & pundits believe the world will hit a reboot button once the tide will settle. However, the world isn’t going to hit a “Reboot” button in post Covid-19 time. Rather, it will hit the “Reset” button.

Post Covid world will witness new intra-inter geographical alliances, friendships, collaborations, and axis of supremacy.

Individual leadership style & values will define the future for nations. Self reliance, independence, sovereignty- heads of states have already started speaking their mind about the new world order.

There is no holy grail for the post Covid economic and political success. Of the many things that has emerged amidst Covid19, discontent with China and favourable atmosphere for India lies at the centre.

The global economy is sailing through an uncertain time. The axis of might & relationship is shifting to a new dimension. All paradigms of power – economic, political, trade, technology, defence – are undergoing transformation. The world is treading on a thin line between multilateralism & multi-polarity. Amidst all the global discussions, two most uniquely placed nations are India & China.

Race For Supremacy and Primacy

In post-Covid time the loss of China may not be the gain for India but, the loss for India will always be a gain for China. Decisions that India will take amidst the ongoing crisis will decide it’s role in post-Covid world. The race for supremacy between the US and China has a pit-stop at India.

Within ASIA, the race is less towards the supremacy of East Asia and more towards the integration of South Asia. A disintegrated South Asia will be a gain for China; reason enough for China to create new best friends from this part of the ASIA.

For India to emerge as a new axis, there are things that it needs to execute on both domestic and international fronts. What it will take the nation to succeed as a largest democracy is the focus of this report.

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