Who is a digital winner?

The effectiveness of any digital transformation initiative hinges upon how closely knit the strategies are. It boils down to the ultimate question, who is a digital winner?

  • One who identifies the destination, or
  • Who sets the direction, or
  • the one who sets the pace, or
  • Who adapts faster

The question could easily be answered by anyone who understands the pace at which transformation and strategy moves. They don’t move at a similar pace!!

Transformation in post-pandemic time

To succeed in a post-pandemic world requires prioritizing marketing and business activities. A part of it depends on your intuitive capability. And a part on design thinking abilities.

The post-pandemic world will witness new business alliances. One needs to be wise enough to choose between the essential alliance and transactional alliance. The priority for now isn’t efficiency but survivability. Efficiency will matter to those who will survive today to thrive tomorrow.

To be able to prioritize right you need to think through 3 R i.e. Rethink, Reimagine, and Redesign.

– Rethink your strategies to Survive
– Reimagine a Resilient business model
– Redesign process for long lasting efficiency

How does one emerge a winner?

By understanding the fundamentals of “The Hero’s Journey,” as written by Joseph Campbell, and implementing the principles to transformation.

There are various similarities between the journey to transform and the hero’s journey (Joseph Campbell)

The brand of yesterday will become obsolete tomorrow if it doesn’t change today.

When a business transforms, what transforms is people who make the business. That’s why every transformation initiative starts with and ends at people.

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