After that jocular Sunday blog, as claimed by many, i decided to pen down a hagiography of one of the Baba (Read-Spiritual Guru) who is making rounds across the news channels, at least in India. May be this has something to do with the Monday blues syndrome, it’s another thing that  i am feeling matutinal. Actually, i appreciate the exponential growth that the baba has achieved over the last few months, in terms of having a loyal followers. A traditional, yet innovative, business model. The lesson worth learning comes in the form of “Customer Engagement” models and activities that the baba follows towards building a sustainable business, or a sustainable value creation platform in baba’s word. I, out of curiosity, Googled the baba’s name and was amazed to see the social media presence that he command in terms of followers, the customer engagement activities he does and the prowess by which he is making an optimum utilization of the contemporary platforms.

The “Customer Engagement” planning or strategies is something we find the SMEs fighting with. Either you don’t find many of them utilizing these new age platforms and techniques or the one having a minuscule presence is in terms of having just a login id and password. The future of any business gets fueled by profit and the profit is dependent on 80/20 rule and building new customer base. The point is that unless and until a company doesn’t gets involved in customer engagement activities how would  it understand the customer’s characteristics, preference and purchasing behavior. You can’t expect that if someone purchased your product he/she would become your repeat customer as well, given the competitive market and myriad of choices that always remains for customers.

In this age of social media the focus on any organization should be on adapting to the change, for building efficient and effective future, rather than wrestling it. The focus of the business should be to make it osculable to customers through imbibing the social/digital marketing and not run away from the same. If your strategy doesn’t talks about customer involvement and satisfaction through socializing then it’s time you re-visit the same. The good point is that, considering everything is measured in ROI, it doesn’t requires a rocket science to measure the ROI of your social media activities 🙂 Who don’t want to have a cost effective method of communication, that too at any level i.e. Regional/National/International.

A new universe, Social Media, and a new culture has evolved wherein the key to decision lies in the customer’s hands who prefers to read online reviews, seek peer opinion, is free to speak his/her mind and knows that any information is just at the finger tips. If your business isn’t in those reviews, opinions, mind and information then it’s time you wake up, without getting bothered about Monday blues 😉

There couldn’t be any better time than Monday, entire week is at your disposal, to go back and analyze your business for customer involvement, engagement and satisfaction activities. Just sit back, with a cup of coffee, and ask yourself:

  • Is your business making effective, efficient or any use of contemporary social platform?
  • How do you empower your employees for efficient communication?
  • Is your business utilizing social CRM?
  • When was the last time you did something innovative to engage customers?
  • And many more such questions

Wouldn’t be a good idea to find a Man-Friday on Mon-Day who could help you with above activities? Think to take your organization beyond business and management. If not, then learn from the baba 😉 Thank You.