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Disclaimer: The sinister “abysso” recalls Tartarus, and overall conjures a gorgeous image of the blind prognathous fish constellation the dark with the aching lambency of their bio-luminescence. The last sentence has nothing to do with the life-sentence alexithymia that one of the peers has left me with, and it was intended to hold your attention. Now that I’ve your attention let’s forget the disclaimer as this isn’t a work of fiction but restriction followed with ambition.

What is creSSSt? Before I answer that I must tell you that creSSSt isn’t something born out of fluke and nor decided in a rage of time. It was always there at the back of mind and was planned under an apricity. However, we had no intention to launch it in this manner but, a sudden twist in the story made us introduce it to you all, the fellow entrepreneurs, in a haste. Let me share the twist in a tale, rather tail, first.

This all started with a question that I asked on a Facebook page of the latest archipelago around start-ups, better known as “Nasscom for Start-ups”. I also received few likes on the question, meaning there were other fellow entrepreneurs as well interested in the answer. The question was more in line with axiology and hence I was expecting some decent reply. I did receive a reply to my first question but then that was just the starting point of my question. I know I am nobody as compared to the NASSCOM and maybe that’s exactly what made me assume a bit of mutual-professional-respect from such an elite, suave, and connoisseur of knowledge institution. Ironically, in a clandestine way my questions got deleted and my profile banned from any activity on their FB page. While I expected them to read behind and between the lines of my question, looks like they didn’t even bothered to read the lines. The decadence of the Q&A left me crestfallen and I ended up with untimed introduction of creSSSt to you all. Hence, my humble apology to the “Nasscom for start-ups” for the faux pas I created by asking a question over one of the biggest social media platform. Any which ways I can’t ask any more as I am banned, life sentence, from your FB page. But on my blog page, God speed to you guys, fellow entrepreneurs, and peers directly-indirectly attached to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Twist in a tale end here.”

Deleted comments on FB Page

Coming back to the question, what is creSSSt? Is it a Mentor, Accelerator, Tutor, Scooter, Diaper, Wiper, summer, winter, tarr-tarr or any other Mother-Father? Actually, none. creSSSt is annihilation of all such things which lacks value. It’s going to be a cumulative effort towards organic way of building a business, adding value to the extent possible, imbibing innovativeness in its culture, and molding a character organization of which everyone would love to be a part. creSSSt is an assurance that as a startup you too should spell success as success and not suckcess.

Someone said, the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. We say, the journey of thousand miles, especially the uphill journey towards the crest, begins with sending your vehicle to a service station. The same applies to a start-up venture and hence creSSSt is the “Startup Service Station” at the foot of the same crest. CreSSSt isn’t about some torque or momentum program taught on the Black/White board, but a “Hand-Holding” approach of leading by example, walking arm-in-arm, and sharing the risk-reward. creSSSt isn’t about thinking of investment as akin to business success, but building an attitude where success comes first and everything else is just a visitor to be served well. It’s a starting milestone for those who are apolaustic towards the start-up journey. Startup Service Station is a place where we wash off the mud, toxins, braggadocio from your mind and fine tune the engine for dearth of requisite skills, prevent cuckold partnerships and associations, and don’t take a shit for anything. creSSSt is a carte blanche startup service station.

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Interested to know the details about creSSSt? Please don’t try to contact any of us as this is a premature introduction. But yes, we’ll keep on adding infographics and update from time-to-time and we aren’t going to make any formal announcements before getting launched. It will just happen and you’ll just know, like you knew it this time. Overall, what’s the fun in being at a Service Station??? Stay Tuned and let the dirt prevail. We’ll wash it all very soon. And yes, we don’t ban you for sure as we know how to fix things up.

PS: The best you can do is to either get subscribed to the blog or follow us on Facebook. Coming soon!!!! At a store near you!!!! Just Kidding about the store part!!!! Startup Service Station.

PS2: Me and my business partner had a big discussion before posting this blog around few of the jargons that we must use to make creSSSt sound something big. We thought about words like Dream, Wake, Critical, Scalability, Sustainability and many such Pity. But, then we realized that we already have a song utilizing most of them. Here is a reminder “Dreamum wakeupum critical conditionum, Earthum quakepum hil dool sab shake upum“. Somehow, we didn’t wanted to end up saying Aiyyaa.

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