Digital Power Curve

Of all the major shifts/transformations that businesses are gaping across the globe, reinventing operational model is the most common and inevitable one. No points for guessing that the need is driven by digital evolution. The digital technology has transformed every business into a services business, irrespective of whether it is a platform, product, or services-based.

The fact is that customers lie at the heart of your business model. The ever evolutionary technology has changed the fundamental definition of “Services” for both B2B & B2C companies. Companies that responded to the shifting fundamentals has moved up to the Digital Power Curve. If you are wondering what is Power Curve then it’s a position where top quintile of performers capture more than 90 percent of economic profit (Source: McKinsey).

It’s important to identify the fulcrum of change before devising the larger strategy & roadmap to reach the power curve through transformation. This is what our “Digital Consulting” services help you with.

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Digital Maturity Assessment

If you are wondering what is digital maturity assessment then here is the definition.

Digital Maturity Assessment is an exercise to help businesses understand their fitness for transformation. It’s also an indicator of ┬áthe ideal way to start the transformation journey without disturbing the core model. Digital Transformation isn’t about random automation of a business process but, the planned transformation of user experience.

The easiest way to build sustainable growth for your business is to be aware of your customers’ needs & preferences. Companies often fall victim to conventional wisdom when it comes to adopting an omnichannel strategy. If you are not reaching out to your customers across every touchpoint in a unique manner then you are not going to reach anywhere.


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