The other day i was in a tete-a-tete with this gentleman who belongs to the executive suite of one of the SME. To my aah, without discussing any other aspect, the question he raised was about the “How-Tos” of innovation. Should i go with my gut feeling, or hire a research agency or something different? What if i go with my gut feeling and it goes haywire? And many more such questions. Ultimately his addubitation ended up with a quest for an existing “Framework” which can be used to innovate etc.

Like any other aboriginal new age consultant i started with telling him that there’s no match for ones gut feeling, especially if it is backed with years of experience, and that searching for an existing framework isn’t a good idea. When you make a framework cynosure of your business it narrows down your vision to a pre-determined set of parameters, decided at some specific point of time and under different scenarios. Rather than framework you should focus on devising an algorithmic approach for validating and planning milestones, gauging the internal capability vis-a-vis the change followed with an innovation in either, or all of, business model, process, product, technology,  marketing & sales, distribution etc. The idea should be to brainstorm to chose the right option and approach that could propel your business. And yes, while you brainstorm, do keep a neutral agency, consultant or team within the team so as to get your ideals challenged and vice-verse. The choices are many but having an algedonic doctor that knows the advantages and disadvantages of contemporary tactics and traditional models would be important.

Innovation isn’t only about bringing an egg to life, but it’s an entire process of metamorphosis wherein ready supply of skills, and  competencies are also needed. A catalyst is needed to innovate, transform that innovation into action, and to build a culture of innovation.

Innovation is like an alpenglow, seen both at sunrise & sunset, and the depth of your planning will decide what follows- “Sunrise” or “Sunset”.  Thank You.