Kidding Budding & You

It was an abozzo in progress, one of the best one could ever witness, one of the rarest a painter could see through his naked eyes, one of the finest agon not between the left and right brain but mind above the neckline and do not mind below the waist line. A triumphing moment for some airlings, alectryomachy for a frustrated soul, an alpenglow for a nature photographer, anachorism for rural India, apolaustic to some arrogate, and an asymptote to a professional artist who focuses on nothing but work.

I wasn’t watching this the first time; neither had I actually wanted to deliberately watch it. But somehow I ended up playing that movie once again on my laptop, only to reach that perfect time of the story when your aural vision lose its 6/6 level and your visual hearing approaches a right decibel. When like a true professional you find yourself praising the professionalism of the on-screen artist. And at that very moment the smart phone says Tringgggggggggg Tringgggggggggg. Anybody with a smart phone will know what that ring means. I said Hello and prompt came a reply from another side “I have decided to start a company”. That one liner response was more than enough to bring few wrinkles and twisted eyebrow on my face. In a true consulting spirit I asked “Why?”, only to hear “I don’t know”. The avolition came as a billow to wash away my on screen romance and left me with brouhaha.

Are you kidding?

Was my next question. The caller asked what I mean by kidding, when I requested him to hold back his decision for few days and that’s exactly what led to this Powerpoint Presentation. My dear readers, spectators, visitors, wannabe clients, and Lord of Entrepreneurial Ring enjoy the presentation slide-by-slide and ask yourself whether you’re kidding or budding. For us, we’re definitely trying to make a pudding to be kept at the end of a big Bamboo. And you know it better than us who deserves a pudding and who deserves a Bamboo. May be that’s why we Hold your Hand with our startup solution, so as to make the learning and journey resistance less for you, so as to feed any of your mouth without much trouble.

Thank You. Enjoy!!!!