Content builds engagements.

Engagement translates into relationships.

Relationships should be transparent.

Transparency enhances trust.

Trust drives business growth.

It is as simple as this to drive your business growth. It all starts with a Content.

Content strategy continues to be an enigma for many businesses across the globe. If you are one such business or marketer then here’s something to help you.
Content behaves more like the Knight in a game of Chess. It plans for two steps forward but moves one step sideways or even backward.

For every new content the marketer needs to move a step backward and ask “What should I create next, for Whom, and Why”. It works best when you don’t shackle it with too much rules & guidelines. The only rule worth following is taking a step back or sideways for every new piece of content, just like the Knight.

Any piece of content has a dual role to play I.e. satisfy business as well as audience expectation. The competition for getting a piece of customer’s mind is so intense that your content needs to stand out.

And, it stands out by trying not to fit-in every piece but remaining weird in a way. That’s where the role of personalised stories comes in.

So, what are a few of the best practices to succeed with content planning? Here is a report

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