Are you staring at 2025 for your business growth? Here are a few of the changes in progress around which you can plan your growth strategy.

  • Manufacturing output & productivity optimisation through digital intervention: Existing manufacturing supply chains are inefficient and inflicted with too many bottlenecks. By 2025, the supply chain status quo is expected to change- giving birth to energy, material, and time saving. Artificial Intelligence will play a key role in this transformation. 
  • Carbon will be the new Oil, much like the way “Data” is in current times. By 2025, countries will be forced to move towards net-zero- reducing carbon footprint- on the back of energy transformation. Innovations to decrease the global emission will be technology driven. New business models like carbon bartering, trading, credit etc will emerge. 
  • Quantum Leap: By 2025, quantum computing will no longer be a crawling toddler but a walking kid. It will have a direct impact on the trial and error process of drug development. Product development and R&D cycle will significantly reduce post inclusion of the first level quantum technology. 
  • Covid-19 pandemic has flipped open the importance of having good health. The age old moral science lesson of “Prevention is better than cure” is well accepted now. This change has shifted the healthcare system towards preventative care. By 2025, healthcare will align with agriculture for food, crop, plant based intelligence. This is one area where 366Pi has diversified into by marrying healthcare with agriculture. 
  • The two buzzwords that will define the economies of the future are “Tele” and “Smart”. By 2025, it will be common to view things like Telehealth, telesurgery, tele-classroom, smart factories, self driving et al. With 5G in place, above goals wouldn’t be too challenging to achieve. 
  • Things to fear in future will be more dangerous pandemics than diseases like cancer. Gene editing, genome sequencing, Immunotherapy will be common with technological improvements. Tech will enable early screening and precise identification of diseases one may face. 
  • Any discussion about the future can’t go without mentioning Robotics. Of all the sectors that robotics has touched grocery retailing is still a virgin. By 2025, robotics will have a massive impact on grocery retailing. 
  • The Sharing economy clubbed with machine learning will bring individuals at the centre of healthcare. Healthcare ecosystem will get decentralised and integrated. A connected ecosystem built on an individual’s health data will decrease morbidity, mortality, and cost of care.
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