BMW and its Logo: The Brand Story

BMW was originally an aircraft manufacturing company. It was Germany’s lost in the World War 1 that made it a car manufacturer and a brand that we know today.

It was the Treaty of Versailles that marked the end of the first world war. According to the treaty, all aircraft manufacturing companies had to cease production. This shifted BMW towards bankruptcy.

But, in the midst of every adversity lies an opportunity. BMW took a detour to motorcycle production. And, soon it diversified into Car manufacturing.

The current logo of BMW is a tribute to their aviation heritage.

Underline: Branding goes much deeper than what could be put in a framework.

Unleashing the humanistic side of a brand will be critical in a post-pandemic world. Resonating a sense of safety and trust will be above any goal for brands to achieve. That’s where the role of purpose driven marketing will come into the picture.

Businesses will be required to adopt purpose driven marketing and likewise it will be for brands.

Branding hacks to follow in Post COVID time

– Authenticity, no matter how small, always wins over the generic big. Brands should pay attention to the specifics.

– User psychology will matter more for brands to stand out with a true human face. It’s not bad usability that always kills a brand, but sometime lack of clarity & motivation does.

– There never was a time in the past when brand inclusivity could have mattered than it is now in after corona world. Brand inclusivity is about adding accessibility attributes.

– Building Human Connection: Brand needs to honest, human, and personalised to establish symbiotic association

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