COVID-19 has taken a massive hit on companies across industries. The quantum of damage could easily be visualised through the fact that despite every piece of projects, teams, departments, and divisions moving online, the traffic growth for most of the industries has fallen in negatives.

This is neither a time to talk business, nor a time to practise marketing or sales. But, as a business, to survive you need to do them all on a day to day basis. This is period to exploit the situation for quick gains.

This is a time to practise purpose driven marketing. The common purpose should be practising empathy. This is the time to establish long-term relationships.

This isn’t a time to think about conversions because the organic traffic on a whole has gone South. You may still manage the same CPC (Cost per Click) but your CPA (Cost per Acquisition) isn’t going to be anywhere nearer to what it used to be. But, you can’t go offline either in current times!!

But, there’s an opportunity amidst every adversity. In a way, this is a time when you’ll have less competition.

We are happy to help you sail through these times in a right way. Help is just a click away & mostly free.