WFH is neither “Work from Home” nor a new normal.

Unlike what many of us believes, remote working isn’t something that happened in last few decades. It is there since pre-renaissance period.

What has changed across those years is the objective behind WFH or remote working i.e. being a necessity or compulsion or choice or desire or anything else.

The thing to learn is how WFH has been leveraged in a unique manner to progress to a new age.

So, what WFH should be utilised in current time? Let’s see

  • If you are a business, treat WFH as Work for Humanity
  • If you are a marketer, treat WFH as Work from Heart to be empathetic in your purpose & goals
  • If you are a startup, treat WFH as Work for Hope
  • If you are an entrepreneur, treat WFH as Work for Honor
  • Last but not the least, no matter which side of the table you sit, if you are a human with humanitarian trait then treat WFH as an opportunity to serve “World from Home”.

    To work is to win, to win is to work!!