23 07, 2020

The Question Your Business should Ask

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The COVID-19 crisis hasn't only impacted you but an entire spectrum of your internal & external stakeholders. Think customers, employees, operations, supply chains et al, the crisis has shifted everything to new ways and dimensions. This is the time where the importance of agnostic consulting companies increases manifolds. You [...]

21 07, 2020

Marketing Transformation Maturity Model

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Transformation in Marketing: Bridging the gap between digital & physical world Marketing has transitioned across four eras in the last four decades. The period 1975 to 1990s was analog era, 1990-2007 the Digital era, 2007-2018 the Connected era and 2019 onwards the Intelligent era. What started as digital has eventually [...]

20 07, 2020

Post Crisis Reboot or Reset

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Companies and markets world over are in the midst of the crisis. A crisis after which will come a phase to "Reset" than "Reboot." There hardly is/was any company without a purpose driven leadership, department, team, or projects. The question is, will those purpose suffice the need to sustain & [...]

20 07, 2020

Opportunity amidst adversity

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COVID-19 has taken a massive hit on companies across industries. The quantum of damage could easily be visualised through the fact that despite every piece of projects, teams, departments, and divisions moving online, the traffic growth for most of the industries has fallen in negatives. This is neither a [...]

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