23 07, 2020

The Question Your Business should Ask

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The COVID-19 crisis hasn't only impacted you but an entire spectrum of your internal & external stakeholders. Think customers, employees, operations, supply chains et al, the crisis has shifted everything to new ways and dimensions. This is the time where the importance of agnostic consulting companies increases manifolds. You [...]

28 01, 2020

Digital Transformation: Unlocking The Value

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Digital innovation is all around us and it's reshaping the future like never before. From self-driving Tesla cars to autonomous Uber taxis to Alpha Go- digital innovations are having a profound impact not only on businesses but, society and economy at large. One of the reasons businesses fail at digital [...]

2 06, 2015

Looking to build a successful Digital Business Practice?

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366Pi Digital-o-nomics helps clients adopting Digital Business and build capabilities across organization. And, what makes us unique is our presence on technology domain, especially cloud based, through our partner organization 366Pi Technologies. Our business, management, and technology expertise helps us analyze a business 360 degrees around digital economy. We focus on key areas critical to your business success, optimize sales productivity, transformational customer experience, and innovative business models.

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