BnVdXk6CUAAYXKMThe person sitting across the table stare at me blankly for quite a time when I said ROI on marketing may never be optimum if it doesn’t pillion rides an analogy. It’s like creating your own storm for the rain to come than doing anything under the pseudonym wishful marketing. The underlying logic is that it should make sense to be able to get differentiated from a random activity; just like the difference between music and noise, picture and color.

The art of marketing lies in creating your own analogy and unfolding your own myth. The benefit of utilizing analogy lies in the speed and ease at which the message gets delivered and understood respectively. Marketing is also about imparting information in a way your audience can relate to, something that lies at the heart of content marketing. The best way to engage users is to create a bit of intrigue in your marketing.

The science of marketing via analogy lies in picking the right analogy and knowing how much of that should be picked. For every analogy there could always be a counter analogy. While leveraging upon similarities, make sure not to take an analogy to an extent that makes your context thin and fragile. It’s not only about connecting the dots, but also knowing which dots should be connected and which should be left. Not everything that falls en-route marketing is your milestone. That’s where an analogy expressway helps achieve differentiation and uniqueness.

Analogy in marketing applies to online, digital, social, internet or any other form of marketing channel. It’s like visualizing these channels or platforms as a ramp on which, like any other participant, you are trying to win the contest. While walking the ramp you also position yourself in the minds of your audience. You do that by finding the right parking space in your audience’s mind before anyone else.

Bottom Line: While picking analogy to create your marketing story, ensure it isn’t only about your products and services. Rather than story it would end as a brochure. Your audience coming to you is akin to you going to restaurant. You leave if you don’t like the menu or anything in particular. The same applies to your audience. They may settle with a competitor if your effort isn’t compelling enough.

So, what does your marketing looks like? Football, Fishing, Going on a first date, Driving, Parking, Hunting, etc.

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