We have written a lot about the importance of being a resilient marketer in the midst of the crisis.

However, resilience is important to navigate through the crisis in progress as well as crisis yet to come.

Once this phase is over, planning the return or recovery will be of paramount importance.

But, that still wouldn’t be the new normal as normalcy will either take time to reach or could never be reached on the back of new pandemics or crises.

That means, the next normal lies in our imagination. Or, Reimagination.

What will differentiate highly successful marketers or companies from less successful ones will be the ability to reimagine at the right time.

Businesses across the world will be living through times of ever shifting consumer behaviour. Reimagining new normal wouldn’t be an easy task in such a scenario.

That’s where will lie the importance of having a parallel marketing or consulting team. Management board and companies will need external teams to ask tough questions and push towards the zone of discomfort.

We are one such team offering comprehensive business growth services.