Until the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, a large part of B2B marketing strategy used to hinge upon the annual cycle of trade shows, seminars, and exhibitions. In post-covid world that cycle stands as broken as the global supply chain. The barriers for face-to-face business are at an all time high.

Digital, unquestionably, will be the new winner. The barriers to entry in digital market is too low. What’s high is the barrier to succeed in digital world. To succeed will not only require opening up online channels to replicate face-to-face meetings but, a clear cut digital strategy with defined roadmaps and goals.

You may no longer walk through that door and shake your client’s hand. No one knows for how long this trend will continue. In such a scenario, adaptability holds the key to raising resilient culture.

Sticking to fundamentals will help B2B marketing to succeed. Networking was everything for which you used to go to those cyclical events and conferences. The fundamental lies in sticking to the purpose and replicating that in a digital format.

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