Do you increase or decrease your marketing spend during economic uncertainty?

This is one common question making rounds on internet since the spread of covid.

I believe it’s not about marketing spend but marketing activities. Economic uncertainties are the best time to increase your marketing activities.

It’s a fact that consumer behaviour enters into an ever shifting zone during pandemics or uncertainties. It becomes important for a marketing team to undo the repetitive initiatives and try something contextual. It helps in remaining in sync with the changing customer behaviour.

  • Keep your business moving forward but with an empathy.
  • The New Marketing Dynamics in Post COVID time: Be known, Get Found, Achieve Growth
  • Drive customer engagement, deliver unique experiences, and achieve sustainable growth: In Post COVID scenario marketing needs to focus on all three in tandem
  • Customise marketing per business maturity to meet unique needs through unique strengths
  • In Post COVID world marketing is all about how it works than how it look and feel

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