Consumer behaviour has entered an ever moulding space in a post Covid world. A few of those changes consumers are willing to keep and discard the rest. That means, marketers need to be proactive in understanding the change.

Empathy, Emotion, Context and Giving (EECG) is what will decide the health of a business moving forward.

Empathy to understand the Contextual shift in consumer’s Emotion to be able to Give values forward.

This approach may not translate into sales immediately and look like cost center. However, these will help in long-term loyalty and goodwill, adding to the survivability of a business.

If you are one of those marketers who have hit the “Pause” button in anticipation of normalcy returning soon then you are in for a surprise. Of all the things that the virus has impacted, human psyche lies at the core. Even if a cure gets found, human psyche will take time to normalize.

In a world expected to practice some form of social distancing until 2022, no business can afford to keep marketing “Paused” for so long.

The bottom line is that marketing needs to be more humane, run by humans, and automated to serve the context.

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