The luxury of time that marketers used to enjoy until a few months back has disappeared after Covid-19.

The new world is highly fluid that changes every day. Digital strategy in the fluid surroundings shouldn’t be thought for months or years but days or weeks.

In a way, the pace of digital transformation has increased. This pace demands every business function to transform.

Look around to witness the pace at which companies are transforming selectively at a rapid pace.

  • Banking channels have moved online
  • Healthcare is shifting to Telehealth in bits & parts
  • Insurance into self-service claims
  • Retail into contactless shopping

All of a sudden “Digital” seems to have become the core of the new world. This is a unique time to be into as everyone is experimenting with improvisation & experimentation.

A few of the things might return to the old ways but, a lot more things are going to get changed forever.

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