18 06, 2012

Go-To-Market- LIE to be Unique & Create Sustainability

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One word, apart from Trending, that we often come across these days is “Launch”. One way or another, the word touches every one of us. A new smart phone or a hedge fund or a space ship or an IRBM, everyone is about to launch a thing or two. And [...]

31 05, 2012

Problem of defining the problem & Einstein’s solution

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You need know the problem in first hand before reaching out for solution. There are solutions to solve the problem and then there’s an absolute solution to solve an absolute problem. The ability of the solution to solve the problem is directly proportional to the extent to which the problem is being understood and defined. Having a problem is part and parcel of life and that shouldn’t be the problem, but expecting not to have a problem by adopting ostrich-head-in-the-sand approach is a problem. We often find peoples claiming that someone drowned because he fell in water. No dude, he drowned because he didn’t know swimming. The problem isn’t with water but with him not knowing how to swim. Don’t confuse inconvenience with problem.

4 05, 2012

Strategic Planning or Strategy & Planning- The fall and rise

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Thought to share few takeaway points with our fellow readers. “Indeed, the whole nature of strategy making — dynamic, irregular, discontinuous, calling for groping, interactive processes with an emphasis on learning and synthesis — compels managers to favor intuition. This is probably why all those analytical techniques of planning felt [...]

22 04, 2012

S(f)unday Blog#1- Beyond Business l Management

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It was just another morning and another walk down the blind alley when this ubiquitous sign, Beware of Dogs, popped in front of us. It was a soup good enough to get started on Sunday (Read- Fun Day) morning, who don’t want to start his day with a laugh and [...]

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