31 05, 2012

Problem of defining the problem & Einstein’s solution

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You need know the problem in first hand before reaching out for solution. There are solutions to solve the problem and then there’s an absolute solution to solve an absolute problem. The ability of the solution to solve the problem is directly proportional to the extent to which the problem is being understood and defined. Having a problem is part and parcel of life and that shouldn’t be the problem, but expecting not to have a problem by adopting ostrich-head-in-the-sand approach is a problem. We often find peoples claiming that someone drowned because he fell in water. No dude, he drowned because he didn’t know swimming. The problem isn’t with water but with him not knowing how to swim. Don’t confuse inconvenience with problem.

23 05, 2012

GOAL Setting: It’s common sense, not a dog’s run

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Every dog has his day but the one pariah dog we witnessed was having his evening. It was running behind any car that comes near him, may be trying to overtake it. I asked my friend what it actually is trying to achieve, only to hear a nice story with [...]

19 05, 2012

The importance of planning & Rabbit hole

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One of the most vital, yet thought poppycock by many, aspect of business is “Planning”. The world is replete with examples wherein the value of planning in business is realized posthumously.  The ubiquity of the importance of business planning gets diminished especially among the “Startup” or “Small” businesses, at least [...]

14 05, 2012

Get a Step Closer to Starting-Up

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While I started up for the first time, I was of the kind who had “Fire in Belly” and certain degree of accident. Given that I belong to not-so-affluent-family with middle class values from a relatively smaller town, where every Father has a vision for his son to be an [...]

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